Sell My Junk Car Beaverton

Sell My Junk Car Beaverton

How do I Sell My Junk Car?

So, you’ve listed your car on Craiglist, Ebay, and a few other online classifieds.

You’ve even tried the old-school way by listing it in the Oregonian.

But you’re still empty-handed. How do you sell your junk car after all that wasted time?

Cash for Cars 45 gives you another option.

It’s as simple as telling us about your vehicle, scheduling an inspection, accepting our offer, and saying goodbye to your unwanted vehicle!

Why waste your time haggling with semi-interested shoppers when you can get instant results with Cash for Cars 45?

We are a family-run business offering a crucial service for the residents of Beaverton and its nearby areas. By helping people sell their junk cars, we keep neighborhood streets and properties clean and free from, well… junk!

How Cash for Cars 45 fills a need in the Beaverton community

Cars need to be used. When a vehicle sits in one place too long, a number of things start to malfunction. And it’s more than just a dead battery. Fluids start to leak, parts start to cease and rust, and gasoline even goes bad. Did you know that motor oil has an expiration date? Whichever comes first, a year or 3000-8000 miles is about how long it’s good for.

We help minimize the number of unloved vehicles sitting abandoned on properties and neighborhood streets.

Junk cars are not only a bother to neighbors and a waste of otherwise usable space on your property, fluids can leak from forgotten vehicles and make their way into groundwater and nearby streams and rivers. The result is no good for the environment, pets, or human health.

What we provide is a way to get out from under vehicles that you no longer need. It doesn’t have to be a junk car, either. If you have a car that technically runs, but needs major work (like a new clutch or transmission), we take it off your hands without all the waiting around. You don’t even have to wash it!


How Our Junk Car Removal Services Work

When you’re ready to sell your car, you may call us anytime during business hours or fill out our online quote form. Be prepared with basic information about the vehicle, including:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year

From this information, we will give you a rough estimate of what the vehicle is worth. If you’re comfortable with our quote, we will arrange to have a valuation expert sent to the vehicle’s location for a more detailed inspection.

You are under no obligation to sell us your car if you aren’t happy with the estimate.

We know that many drivers put a lot of money into repairs only to run into more problems later on. Our goal is to make sure you feel fairly compensated for your vehicle, so make note of any recent repairs or replacements. You can even remove usable parts before selling to us (keep those brand new snow tires!).

Once the inspection is complete, they will make a more accurate offer, pay you on the spot, and have the vehicle removed at no extra cost.

Sell My Junk Car in Beaverton

What happens after I sell my junk car?

Great question! Our junk car buyers love knowing that old cars aren’t all just sent to be crushed into little cubes and piled at junkyards. We do our best to remove the useful engine and body components and find new uses for them.

Our vast network of industry professionals makes this easy. If the vehicle is unsalvageable, many of its parts can be recycled and remanufactured. Namely, the metal bits and pieces. Plastic pieces and some upholstery can also be taken to special recycling centers for processing.

Contact us today for easy and rewarding junk vehicle removal in Beaverton!