Junk Car Removal Beaverton

Junk Car Removal Beaverton

Profesional, Courteous Junk Car Removal Services

Cash for Cars 45 understands that maybe you’ve sunk money into repairs and your car still needs help that you can’t afford.

Or maybe life just threw you a curve ball and suddenly you aren’t able to devote time to your beloved project car. Either way, we understand. And we provide a convenient solution.

By paying fair prices for used vehicles, running or not, you benefit by shedding yourself of a burdensome responsibility. And we benefit by keeping junk cars off Beaverton streets.


Other buyers don’t want to deal with cars that aren’t in near-perfect condition

You may run into setbacks trying to sell through online classifieds due to uncommitted “tire-kickers,” limited time to schedule meetings, and a variety of other headaches.

And though auctions are an attractive option, they don’t offer much help with transporting the vehicle. Plus, they take a cut of the final sale, which you won’t know beforehand, and will most likely be lower than you’d hoped.

Donating it to charity is a kind gesture, but if you’re the one who needs charity, this option puts you right back where you started. That’s how Cash for Cars 45 serves a need in the Beaverton community.

What Do I Need to Know Before Getting Started?

Fill out our online quote form or give us a call during our business hours. Have general information about the car on-hand, bearing in mind that the more you know about the vehicle, the more accurate our estimate will be.

If you decide to go forward, we schedule a convenient meeting time to have the vehicle inspected by one of our certified vehicle appraisers.

This will help to fine-tune our offer and give you a chance to decide if you’re truly ready to part with the car.

Once you’ve accepted the offer, we pay you on the spot and tow the vehicle at no charge. No waiting around for a check, no haggling with wishy-washy private buyers, and no more clunker sitting around taking up space on your property.

Before you call, make a note of your car’s:

  • Make, Year, and Model
  • Physical Location
  • Mileage
  • Tires, Glass, and Body Panels
  • Driveability
  • Estimated Value According to Kelley Blue Book
  • Title
  • Any other details that could affect the final offer

Junk Car Removal Beaverton

What’s the advantage of selling to Cash for Cars 45?

Great question! Again, selling to private buyers is time-consuming and frustrating, especially when you’re eager to sell. Donating it or dropping it off at a junkyard means you get very little or nothing in return, and auctioning it means you only get a small cut of the final (mystery) sale price.

Smart Solutions for Beaverton Junk Car Removal

Our junk car buying service is a responsible option for environmentally-conscious Beaverton residents. Junk cars are never sent to landfills due to their hazardous fluids, so auto salvage yards have to follow strict state-regulated environmental standards.

When you sell your junk car to Cash for Cars 45, we take great care to dismantle and reuse valuable parts, repair the vehicle if possible, or send it to a local scrap yard.

Talk to us about removing your junk vehicle the easy way!