Junk Car Buyers Portland

Looking for Courteous, Professional Junk Car Buyers?

Trying to sell a non-running car to private buyers is a time-consuming hassle at best.

Very few casual shoppers have the experience to properly inspect a vehicle and assess its value, let alone offer a fair price.

Cash for Cars 45 service hires professional, highly-experienced junk car buyers treat you with respect by performing detailed inspections that lead to the most accurate assessments.

How do we arrive at our fair assessments?

The process starts by asking the right questions.

When you call or fill out our online quote form, we ask about the car’s:

  • Make, Year, and Model
  • Physical Location
  • Mileage
  • Tires, Glass, and Body Panels

Junk Car Buyers Portland

Fair estimates and responsible solutions for unwanted vehicles

Gathering this information allows us to produce an estimate. At this point, you are not obligated to sell us your car. We want you to feel you’re getting a good deal, so we offer the quote for free.

Once you’re comfortable with the estimated price, we arrange to have an inspector meet you at a convenient time in order to perform a more thorough examination of the vehicle.

When you sell your car instead to Cash for Cars 45 instead of selling to a private buyer, you can walk away with confidence. We have the time and resources to salvage it for parts or repair non-working components.

By taking care of cars in a way that benefits both you and the city, our services benefit the city as a whole. 

We give you peace of mind knowing that non-running vehicles aren’t leaking fluids into Portland waterways, taking up space on neighborhood streets, or creating eyesores on private properties.

Why sell to a junk car buyer versus a private party, donor, or auction?

Selling a car privately tends to take longer and comes with a host of frustrations ranging from detail cleaning the vehicle, paying for ads, and dealing with a revolving door of uncommitted buyers.

Auctions typically take up to 12% of the final sale price, and your tax deduction from donations only applies to the price at which it was ultimately sold, not its estimated value.

Junk Car Buyers Portland

How do I Get Started Selling My Unwanted Vehicle in Portland?

Call one of our knowledgeable representatives anytime and have some basic information about the car on-hand so we can provide you with the best quote possible. You will receive cash the same day we perform the inspection, so you don’t need to carve out an entire day or wait around for a check.

Our full-service car buying service removes the stress from getting rid of unwanted cars, trucks, or vans. Your car doesn’t need to end up in a junkyard… or a river! Cash for Cars 45 will remove your old car so you can open your garage, driveway, or street for a better model.

Try our services and find out how much your old car is worth. You’ll be surprised how much you can benefit from selling cars you no longer need.

Don’t worry if the car has been sitting for months or even years. We take all sizes, shapes, colors, and conditions! Best of all, we are licensed and bonded, we don’t charge extra fees for towing, and we make selling your car as painless as possible.