Junk Car Buyers Beaverton

Junk Car Buyers Beaverton

Junk Car Buyers Who Make Light Work of Selling Your Unwanted Car

Yes, it’s technically easier to let a junk car sit ignored on your property indefinitely. But wouldn’t life be even better not to have to think about it at all?

Cash for Cars 45‘s job is to provide a service that comes to you, making getting rid of used, junk, and unwanted vehicles easy. How easy, you ask?

We offer all of our customers:

  • Free, no obligation estimates of the final price we’ll offer Beaverton residents for cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, or motorcycles.
  • Fair prices for vehicles that are in either running or non-running condition
  • Towing service at no extra charge
  • A simple way to solve a “clunky” problem

Does the year or condition of my car matter?

Nope! Our goal is to keep Beaverton properties free of old or unwanted vehicles, so we don’t discriminate.

Sell us your moss-covered 1982 BMW E30 wagon or your 2016 Dodge Ram van conversion that your spouse totaled by driving through a flood zone. When no one else will take it, we will.

Even if the car has been sitting in a damp garage for eight years, we’re happy to take a look. Metal panels, steel, and other small components tend to stand the test of time, so if there’s something of value left on the vehicle, our network of experts know how to find it.

What happens to the car after it’s removed?

Our junk car buyers use a bit more discretion than just sending all of our purchased cars to junkyards.  If the critical engine components can’t be repaired, usable parts will find a new purpose.

Cash for Cars 45 finds ways to reuse, recycle, salvage, or remanufacture as many of the parts from damaged vehicles as possible.

How are Junked Cars Removed From My Property?

Our professional service helps you sell your damaged, used, or unwanted vehicle without the stress of dealing with classified ads. Simply call or fill out our online form with the appropriate information and we’ll schedule a time to send out one of our certified auto appraisers.

They’ll ask you about the car, inspect it thoroughly, and make an offer. Once you accept, we have it towed from your property to ours at no cost.

We want you to feel taken care of when we drive away with your vehicle in-tow.

Our auto appraisers consider a variety of factors when evaluating your vehicle, including:

  • Driveability
  • Glass condition
  • Body panel damage
  • Tire inflation level
  • Flood or fire damage
  • Interior components
  • Title owner
  • The price at which you’ve valued the car

Junk Car Buyers Beaverton

Hey, Beaverton! Let us buy your junk car!

Sounds like a great deal, right? It is. No waiting around for DMV paperwork, processing, or decision-making.

We make the offer and pay you the same day.

We live up to our promise to make the process of selling your junk car easy. Call us today and talk to our representatives about your used or junk car. Our friendly and knowledgeable junk car buyers look forward to working with you!