Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

Contact us, then make an appointment and one of our expert appraisers will evaluate your vehicle and pay you cash.

Why sell your car to us rather than selling it yourself?

It saves you time and frustration when dealing with ads and phone calls. And it saves you money on having to fix up your car prior to the sale. Most importantly, you get cash now without any hassles. No ad fees, no removal fees, no sales sees, and no towing fees!

What type of vehicles do we purchase?

We buy all makes and models of Cars, Truck, Vans, SUV’s  in any condition, running or not.

Will you pick up my car?

Yes- Cash For Cars will pick up or tow your vehicle free of charge.

How to get started?

Simple – just give one of our friendly representatives a  call, or fill out our easy to use quote form to get an appraisal started right away to get your cash!

Should I Donate My Car?

Back in 2005 the donations laws changed. You are now only able to deduct the amount that the vehicle is sold for by the charity. Meaning if you donated your car that was Kelly Blue Book valued at $2500 to a charity, and it was sold at auction for $600, then your tax deduction would only be $600. So as you can see, you’re much better selling your vehicle to us, and get your cash right away.