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About Cash for Cars 45

Get Cash For Your Car!

Do you have a used vehicle you need to remove from your property? At Cash For Cars 45, we buy all types of vehicles including SUVs, trucks, cars, vans of all makes, models and years. Whatever it is you want to get rid of, and for whatever reason, we will be there to give you cash in exchange.

Our assessors carefully look at the vehicle in detail to give you the highest payout for your vehicle. Our aim is to help you remove whatever car or truck you don’t need from your property and put it to good use while you gain from the cash payout.

All you must do to start the process is fill out our quote form, and we will quickly begin working on your request to assess, pay and remove the car from your property. Our assessments are very fair to the car owners. Many of our past customers have only positive comments for us since we remove vehicles including those that have long since stopped working. It does not matter the condition it is in, we will buy your car for cash even if it has been dead for a decade.

How Getting Cash For Your Car Works

We have a very convenient operation where you give us the best time as per your schedule, and we will come and inspect the vehicle to verify the condition it is in before giving you the offer. During this inspection, we will also look at the title to ensure it meets the state requirements and is fully signed. If you are not the title holder, don’t hesitate to call us. In some cases, a lost title application is all you need.

Cash for Cars 45 offers a service that gives you the chance to remove unwanted vehicles from your property at the best price possible. It does not matter if it is running or not, we will remove it and give you a cash for the vehicle.

Just call us anytime and talk to one of our consultants. When you call us, we’ll ask you general questions about your vehicle such as, what make, model, and the total mileage, condition, location, and so on. Don’t hesitate to talk to us no matter the condition of your car. Requesting an offer will not hurt you, and you never know, your vehicle might have a higher value than you think.

Cash for Cars 45