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Beaverton, Hillsboro, Vancouver WA and Surrounding Areas

If you have a car that you need to sell or have removed from your property, Cash For Cars 45 makes it easy. We buy cars, trucks, vans, SUV’s, and other unwanted vehicles.

Keep Portland Beautiful by Removing Junk Vehicles the Smart Way

Are you looking to sell your car so that you can buy a new one? Selling your car to us comes with great benefits. You won’t have to repair your car to be sold, and no more listing of your vehicles online and waiting for days for a buyer to contact you.

You save time and money and get a fair price from us every time. We’ll buy your car right away in any condition and give you cash the same day.

Cash for Cars 45 makes it easy to get an offer and sell your car. Just give one of our Portland representatives a call at (503) 776-6100, or fill out our quote form. One of our appraisal experts will get back to you with a no-obligation offer.

A Great Way to Save Time and Make Cash for Your Junk Car

If you don’t have the time or energy to restore an old or damaged vehicle, at Cash for Cars 45, you have options.

Many of our customers do business with us because they need a fast solution for their unusable vehicles. If they are relocating and their car is too inconvenient or not worth taking along, we help make the moving process easier.

It’s more and more common for people to move or change jobs every few years, and though cars are helpful while you’re commuting for work, the prospect of driving them long distances could prove problematic.

We don’t just buy junk cars, we buy good-quality running vehicles, too. For drivers who need to make quick decisions due to a sudden life change, we provide a convenient solution.

Other reasons to sell your junk car to us include financial needs and mechanical problems.

Cash for Cars 45 serves all of Portland, Oregon and accepts any make and model, running or not.

Why sell my junk car to a Portland cash for cars service?

  • The car has been in an accident and you can’t afford to fix it
  • Classified listings have left you empty-handed
  • You no longer need a personal vehicle
  • A new car has replaced your old one

Easily Sell Your Unused Car by Calling Portland’s Most Reliable Cash for Cars Service

  • Fair estimates mean you walk away well-compensated for your car, truck, van, or SUV
  • Our certified auto appraisers perform thorough inspections and tow your vehicle for free
  • Quotes are complimentary, so you don’t feel obligated to sell your car with us

If you’re looking to sell your car so that you can buy a new one, selling it to us has some great benefits. You won’t have to fix your car to be bought, and no more listing of your vehicles in the classifieds just to wait weeks for a serious buyer to respond.

We save Portland drivers time and money by offering a smart alternative. We’ll buy your car right away, in any condition, and give you cash on the spot.

Cash for Cars makes it easy for you to get an offer and sell your car. Just give one of our Portland representatives a call or fill out our quote form and one of our appraisal experts will get back to you with a no-obligation cash offer.

Cash for Cars Portland

Is it time to part with a vintage or project car?

Cars can take on a more meaningful role than simply transporting us from point A to point B. They have sentimental value, too.

When we sell a car, the memories and experiences we’ve attached to it feel like they disappear as well. And you can’t put a price tag on sentimental value. We simply have to let go when the time comes.

All vehicles depreciate, some more than others, and in a variety of ways. Environmental and safety standards have changed significantly, and continue to change every year.

So, maybe your car isn’t “junk”, but it doesn’t have anti-lock brakes, passenger-side airbags, or traction control. So, in the name of safety on increasingly congested and chaotic highways, the right thing to do might be to sell it and start shopping for a modern upgrade.

The same goes for environmental standards. Though older cars can be very fuel efficient, three-way catalytic converters only came standard on new cars in 1981. So, despite your vintage car’s nostalgic appeal, it might conflict with your environmental standards.

Can We Help Answer Your Questions About Selling Your Junk Car?
  • Do I need to be the title holder?
    It depends. In some cases you can fill out a lost title application.
  • What is your service area?
    We serve all of Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, and Vancouver, WA.
  • Are you available 24 hours?
    You may submit requests online anytime. However, our business hours are 8am – 9pm Monday through Friday.
  • What if I lost the keys?
    We can tow vehicles whether they have keys or not.
Why spend the time trying to sell your car to a finicky private owner?
Sell your car for cash the same day you call us.
We serve Portland, Oregon and Las Vegas, Nevada, accepting any make and model, running or not.

Stop waiting for responses to your classified ad. Call us today to sell your car fairly and efficiently!